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54 Series Cross Purge Station (SS)

USD $1,898.42

54 Series Cross Purge Station (SS)

USD $1,898.42
Part Number:    54x Series
   Availability:   Ships within 24 hours from Montgomeryville, PA

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Product Description

MATHESON made in the USA



The Matheson 54 Series Cross Purge Station provides effective purging during cylinder changes and can be conveniently mounted to a wall.  The assembly which contains a vent, isolation, and purge gas valve is highly recommended when using toxic or corrosive gases and is also intended for use with high purity applications where preventing contaminates such as air and water vapor is critical.   Atmospheric contaminants become trapped in the high pressure portion of the regulator upon connection to another cylinder. If allowed to remain they are swept into your system.  Depending upon your flow rate and desired purity level, these impurities can disrupt your process for days or even weeks.  Purging with an inert gas will also remove residual toxic or corrosive gases before changing out cylinders. These cross purge stations may be used with many of Matheson’s stainless steel regulators (regulators sold separately).

Dry nitrogen or clean dry air needs to be supplied to the cross purge.

Design Features

• All Stainless Steel Construction
• Fast-acting 4360 series quarter-turn diaphragm valves
• Color coded handles indicate condition of valve and direction of flow when opened
• Check valve on purge gas inlet to prevent contamination of purge gas line
• Outlet CGA fitting for ease of regulator installation
• Available with either a flex hose or rigid pigtail


Standard Configuration

• Stainless Steel manifold block
Heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket
• 3 foot long Armored Stainless Steel flex hose
• CGA connection (No integral check valve)
• Right Side Cylinder Set-Up (gas outlet is on left side)
• Purge Gas Inlet (PGI) with Check Valve: 12:00 position
• High Pressure Vent (HPV) Valve: 3:00 position
• Flex Hose/Rigid Pigtail: 6:00 position
• High Pressure Isolation (HPI) Valve with CGA Bushing: 9:00 position
• Mounting holes for 3/8” screws


Flex Hose/Rigid Pigtail
The standard three foot long hose work well with cylinders that can easily be secured close to the manifold.  Six foot long hoses are useful when hard to position cylinder bundles or when dewars are the gas source.  Rigid pigtails should be chosen for corrosive or toxic gases as purging is more effective with rigid pigtails than with flex hoses.

Check Valve Seal Material
Viton is the standard seal material in the purge gas check valve.  If your gas is not compatible with Viton then Neoprene or Ethylene Propylene seals can be selected. If you are not sure of the compatibility of your gas then check out this fluid compatibility guide.

Options (sold separately)

• Pressure Regulator 
   • 3610A Series -Tied Diaphragm (Corrosives)
   • 3810A Series - Dual Stage
   • 3510A Series - Single Stage
   • 3030S & 3040S Series - High Pressure

710.jpg• Cylinder Holders (710 Series)
The 710 Series Cylinder Holder secures cylinders to a wall or to the side of a work bench. The holder body is 11 gauge hot rolled steel. Edges are protected with steel reinforced vinyl to help maintain your cylinders and provide extra grip. Strap burst pressure: 1200 lbs. 710 Series Cylinder Holders


nfpa-Plate-horz.jpg• NFPA Label
Matheson’s adhesive backed die cut NFPA label on a plate is a perfect complement to our Protocol Station.
NFPA Label on a Plate - Horizontal



• Wall Mounting Kit
This is mounting kit for a small manifold. The kit includes two 12" long pieces of Aluminum U-channel and two sets of nuts and bolts to secure one item to the U-channel. This kit does not include the hardware to mount the U-channel to a wall.
Wall Mounting Kit - 12"


• Valves and Fittings: Stainless Steel
• Manifold Block: Stainless Steel
• Flex Hose/Rigid Pigtail: Stainless Steel
• Purge Gas Inlet: 1/4" compression fitting
• Vent Connection: 1/4" compression fitting
• Outlet Connection: CGA Bushing
• Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig (depending upon CGA rating)




Instructions, Manifold

Instructions, Purging

3D Model

Manifold, 1 cyl, Cross Purge

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