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3510A Series Single-Stage High-Purity Regulator - SS

USD $1,284.65

3510A Series Single-Stage High-Purity Regulator - SS

USD $1,284.65
Part Number:    3510A Series
   Availability:   Ships within 24 hours from Montgomeryville, PA

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Product Description

MATHESON made in the USA



A high purity regulator designed for analytical applications using non-corrosive or semi-corrosive gases.


• Supply of carrier gas / detector support gas for a variety of gas chromatography applications
• Supply of calibration standards to on-line process analyzers, emission monitoring systems, etc.


MATHESON strongly recommends the use of a cross-purge with any regulator put into highly corrosive or toxic gas service. You can easily add a cross-purge to this model regulator by selecting "Yes" for the Cross Purge option above.

Looking for something a little bit different? Different inlet or outlet fitting or remove the outlet valve? Check out our Modified 3510A Pressure Regulator.

Design Features

• High-purity 316 stainless steel barstock body
• High-purity 316L stainless steel diaphragm
• Metal to metal seals minimize diffusion of contaminants
• 2” inlet and delivery pressure gauges
• Bonnet ported and threaded to pipe gases away from work area
• Equipped with outlet diaphragm valve
• 1/4” compression tube outlet connection
• 10 micron metal filter protects seat from contamination
• Panel mountable, front bonnet and back threaded holes (10-32 UNF)
• Bonnet vent hole size: 1/8” NPTF

Ordering Information  
Part Number* Max
Delivery Pressure
Delivery Pressure
Cylinder Pressure
SEQ3511ACGA 15 psi -30"-0-30 psi 0-4000 psi
SEQ3513ACGA 50 psi -30"-0-100 psi 0-4000 psi
SEQ3510ACGA 125 psi -30"-0-200 psi 0-4000 psi
SEQ3516ACGA 250 psi 0-400 psi 0-4000 psi
SEQ3517ACGA 500 psi 0-1000 psi 0-4000 psi

*Note: where CGA is replaced by the actual CGA number. Some CGA limitations may apply. (NI) for 1/4" FNPT inlet

Materials of Construction

• Gauges: 316 stainless steel
• Body: 316L stainless steel
• Bonnets: Chrome plated brass barstock
• Diaphragms: 316L stainless steel
• Seats: Teflon
• Seals: Metal to metal
• Valve Body (4370 Series): 316L stainless steel
• Valve Diaphragm: 316L stainless steel
• Valve Seat: PCTFE


• Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psi (20,700 kPa)
• Typical Max Flow Rate (100 psi del press) : 8 SCFM-N2 (230 SLPM)
• Flow Capacity (Cv): 0.08
• Operating Temperature: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
• Porting (Regulator Body): 1/4” NPT Female
• Porting Configuration: 3 High, 3 Low


Cross Purge
• Eliminates the escape of hazardous gases when changing cylinders
• Reduces danger of contamination from atmospheric moisture and oxygen
• Minimizes the amount of gas lost during cylinder changes
• 4360 Series Quarter-Turn Diaphragm Valves used throughout
• All stainless steel construction (4774 Series Cross Purge)


  Mounting Options
  Mounting Bracket for Single Stage & Line Regulators
Two 10-32 screws are needed to mount the back of the regulator to this bracket.
  Mounting Bracket for Regulators
PMK-2N Mounting Nuts are also needed (see below).
The regulator knob will have to be removed in order to mount on this bracket.
  PMK-2N Mounting Nuts
These nuts can be used either with the above bracket or for mounting in a panel.
  54 Series Protocol Station
This stainless steel manifold is designed to provide a safe, reliable way of wall-mounting a cylinder regulator. Manifolds are provided a durable stainless steel bracket, stainless steel flex hose (3 ft std.), and a CGA connection with integral check valve.


Flow Curves

Flow Curves, 3510A/3530A Series


Instructions, General Regulator


Drawing, 3510A

3D Model


Warranty Information