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54 Series Cylinder Manifold (SS)

USD $2,721.50

54 Series Cylinder Manifold (SS)

USD $2,721.50
Part Number:    54 Series Manifold
   Availability:   Ships within 24 hours from Montgomeryville, PA

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Product Description

MATHESON made in the USA



Matheson’s SourceTrakTM Manifold Systems offer a safe and efficient method of connecting multiple cylinders to a common gas supply line to provide centralized distribution of gas for both high and low purity delivery requirements. SourceTrakTM Manifold Systems can be used as a manually operated system in conjunction with a line regulator to regulate downstream delivery pressure, or they can be used as an integrated part of Matheson’s Automatic Switchover Systems (see SwitchProTM). Utilizing SourceTrakTM Manifold Systems for the distribution of gas provides greater safety in the cylinder storage area by reducing repetitive cylinder handling and also minimizes the risk of ambient contamination within the gas delivery network.

The SourceTrakTM Manifold Systems can be furnished in brass or stainless steel materials to provide delivery service for a broad range of gases and are rated for pressures of up to 3000 psig. All SourceTrakTM Manifold Systems are single row configurations and are provided with the manifold piping, station (diaphragm) valves, 3-ft. flex hose, integral check valves, and manifold mounting brackets/clamps as standard components. The SourceTrakTM Manifold Systems are designed for "right side" cylinder set-up, where the gas flows from right to left through the manifold piping.


Standard Configuration

• Heavy Duty Manifold Piping
• Station Valves (Diaphragm) for each cylinder
• 3 foot long Armored Stainless Steel flex hose
• CGA connection with integral check valve
• Right Side Cylinder Set-Up (gas outlet is on left side)
• Moutning Brackets & Clamps


The standard three foot long hoses work well with cylinders that can easily be secured close to the manifold.  Six foot long hoses are useful when hard to position cylinder bundles or dewars are the gas source

• Valves
High Pressure Isolation (HPI) valves are useful when you want to isolate a single side for maintenance. The HPI valve/High Pressure Vent (HPV) valve option enables the user to maintain optimum purity after cylinder changes. 

710.jpg• Cylinder Holders (710 Series)
The 710 Series  Cylinder Holder secures cylinders to a wall or to the side of a work bench. The holder body is 11 gauge hot rolled steel. Edges are protected with steel reinforced vinyl to help maintain your cylinders and provide extra grip. Strap burst pressure: 1200 lbs. 710 Series Cylinder Holders


nfpa-Plate-vert.jpg• NFPA Label
Matheson’s adhesive backed die cut NFPA label on a plate is a perfect complement to our manifolds.
NFPA Label on a Plate - Vertical



• Wall Mounting Kit (2 & 3 Cylinder Manifolds)
This is mounting kit for one or two 2-cylinder or 3-cylinder manifolds. The kit includes two 18" long pieces of Aluminum U-channel and four sets of nuts and bolts to secure a manifold to the U-channel. This kit does not include the hardware to mount the U-channel to a wall.
Wall Mounting Kit - 18"



• Wall Mounting Kit (4-Cylinder Manifolds)
This is mounting kit for one or two 4-cylinder manifolds. The kit includes two 36" long pieces of Aluminum U-channel and ten sets of nuts and bolts to secure a manifold to the U-channel. This kit does not include the hardware to mount the U-channel to a wall.
Wall Mounting Kit - 36"

 Materials of Construction

• Manifold Header: Stainless Steel
• Station Valves: Stainless Steel/Kel-F seats
• Cylinder Connections and Fittings: Stainless Steel
• High Pressure Vent Valve (option): Stainless Steel
• High Pressure Isolation Valve (option): Stainless Steel
• Flex Hoses: Stainless Steel


• Station Valve Spacing: 12" centers
• Station Valves: Full Turn Diaphragm type
• Station Valve Inlet: CGA 346 Bushing
• Header Porting: 1/2" FPT
• High Pressure Vent Valve (option): Full Turn Diaphragm type
• High Pressure Isolation Valve (option): Full Turn Diaphragm type
• Flex Hoses: Armored
• Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig (depending upon CGA rating)
• Outlet Connection: CGA Bushing for regulator attachment


Instructions, Manifold


Drawing, Manifold, 2-10 cyl

3D Models

Manifold, 2 cyl, stdManifold, 3 cyl, stdManifold, 4 cyl, std

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