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1177F Cabinet with Brass Manifold and Pressure Regulator

USD $7,101.93

1177F Cabinet with Brass Manifold and Pressure Regulator

USD $7,101.93
Part Number:    SEQ GCS-TBD (BR)
   Availability:   Ships within one week from Montgomeryville, PA

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Product Description

MATHESON made in the USA



Matheson offers a configured single cylinder gas cabinet with a manifold and pressure regulator.  All piping penetrations are through the top of the cabinet through a bulkhead plate.

Warning: This gas cabinet is not suitable for silane service.

Standard Configuration

1177 Single Cylinder Gas Cabinet 

The Model 1170 is our most popular gas cabinet series with a flat top design. The construction is optimized for economy, without compromising safety or quality.

• Pressure Regulator 

A single-stage regulator is recommended where inlet pressure does not vary greatly or where periodic adjustment of delivery pressure does not present a problem. The advantage of a dual-stage pressure regulator over a single-stage pressure regulator is its ability to deliver a constant pressure, even when the inlet pressure decreases.

Single Stage: 3530A
Dual Stage: 3120A

• 53 Series Protocol Station 

The 53 Series Protocol Station provides a convenient means of wall mounting a regulator. This product consist of a manifold block, mounting bracket and flex hose.


• HPI Valve
High Pressure Isolation (HPI) valves are useful when it is necessary to isolate the manifold for maintenance or cylinder changes. 

HPV Valve
The High Pressure Vent (HPV) valve option enables the user to maintain optimum purity after cylinder changes by self-purging out atmospheric contaminants. 

• Cross Purge
A cross purge system which contains a vent, isolation, and purge gas valve is highly recommended when using toxic or corrosive gases and is also intended for use with high purity applications where preventing contaminates such as air and water vapor is critical.   Atmospheric contaminants become trapped in the high pressure portion of the regulator upon connection to another cylinder. If allowed to remain they are swept into your system.  Depending upon your flow rate and desired purity level, these impurities can disrupt your process for days or even weeks.  Purging with an inert gas will also remove residual toxic or corrosive gases before changing out cylinders.

Gas Connections

• Process Gas Outlet: 1/4" Swagelok
• Vent Valve Outlet (option): 1/4" Swagelok
• Purge Gas Inlet (option): 1/4" Swagelok


Instructions, 1170 Series

Instructions, Manifold

Instructions, Purging

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