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Gas Watcher SwitchPro Automatic Switchover System, 2 Cylinder (SS)

USD $4,709.88

Gas Watcher SwitchPro Automatic Switchover System, 2 Cylinder (SS)

USD $4,709.88
Part Number:    Gas Watcher 524 Series
   Availability:   Ships within 24 hours from Montgomeryville, PA

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Product Description

MATHESON made in the USA



Matheson’s SwitchProTM Automatic Switchover Systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of gas from a cylinder or a bank of cylinders. The SwitchProTM System safely minimizes repetitive cylinder change out labor while offering a safe and efficient method of connecting multiple cylinders to a common gas supply line to provide centralized distribution of gas for both high and low purity delivery applications. Utilizing SwitchProTM Systems for the distribution of gas provides greater safety in the cylinder storage area by reducing repetitive cylinder handling and also minimizes the risk of ambient contamination within the gas delivery network.



• Provide a continuous, uninterrupted supply of gas
• Control gas delivery from cylinders within a centralized distribution system providing safer and more efficient delivery of gas with the flexibility to address customized applications.

Design Features

• Ideal for High (UHP 99.999%+) or Low Purity gas delivery.
• Available control features include: pressure regulation and indicating pressure switches.
• Provides automated switchover control and gas delivery for two cylinders.
• Utilizes Matheson’s single body Switchover Regulator.
• Compact design minimizes wall space consumption.
• Switchover regulator knob indicates cylinder (bank) priority.
• Relief valve upstream of line regulator acts like an interstage relief valve.
• Maximum inlet pressure up to 3000 psig.
• Design allows convenient access to all components.
• Cost effective to implement and install.
• Optional features allow customized system design for specific gas delivery applications.

Standard Configuration

• 200 psig +/- 20 psi switchover pressure
• 3 foot long flex hoses
• CGA connections with integral check valves
• 1/4” compression tube outlet connection

• Gas Watcher - Bluetooth Pressure Gauge
The Gas WatcherTM is a Bluetooth wireless device that can display gas operating pressure in "real time" locally on the device itself or remotely via connection to a web based portal. The operation and control settings for the Gas WatcherTM are accessed through a set of two push buttons located on the face of the Gas WatcherTM .

Receiver/Router and an Annual Monitoring/Reporting Service (first year included with Receiver/Router) is required if the user wants to access the pressure remotely on a computer, tablet or smart phone.


The standard three foot long hoses work well with cylinders that can easily be secured close to the SwitchProTM System. Six foot long hoses are useful when hard to position cylinder bundles or dewars are the gas source.

High Pressure Isolation (HPI) valves are useful when you want to isolate a single side for maintenance or cylinder changes. The HPI valve/High Pressure Vent (HPV) valve option enables the user to maintain optimum purity after cylinder changes.



• NFPA label
Matheson’s adhesive backed die cut NFPA label is a perfect complement to our SwitchProTM Automatic Switchover System.  NFPA Labels


710.jpg• Cylinder Holders (710 Series)
The 710 Series  Cylinder Holder secures cylinders to a wall or to the side of a work bench. The holder body is 11 gauge hot rolled steel. Edges are protected with steel reinforced vinyl to help maintain your cylinders and provide extra grip. Strap burst pressure: 1200 lbs. 710 Series Cylinder Holders



• Wall Mounting Kit
This is mounting kit for a Switchover system. The kit includes two 18" long pieces of Aluminum U-channel and four sets of nuts and bolts to secure one panel to the U-channel. This kit does not include the hardware to mount the U-channel to a wall
Wall Mounting Kit - 18"



• Gas Watcher Receiver/Router
The Gas Watcher™ Receiver/Router accepts Bluetooth input from up to 49 Gas Watcher™ Bluetooth Pressure Gauges and provides an information gateway to the internet. Information from the sensors is pushed up to an internet Cloud where the data is available in a proprietary password protected portal. Data can be viewed 24/7 anywhere an internet connection is available.  The user can set alarms to receive email or text alerts.  The data viewed is Real-Time per the specifications of the sensors. Information from the Gas Watcher™ Bluetooth Pressure Gauges is data logged and time stamped. Data can be downloaded in a spreadsheet format. The Gas Watcher™ Receiver/Router is packaged in a NEMA 4 enclosure suitable for outdoor installation and is easy to install with its integrated mounting holes.

Specifications (Switchover)

• Panel Dimensions: 12” W x 14“ H
• Material (Regulators/Gauges/Fittings): Stainless Steel
• Material (Flex Hoses): Stainless Steel
• Switchover Cv: 0.06
• Maximum Flow: 3 SCFM - Nitrogen
• Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig
• Temperature Range: -4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C)

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