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7300 Series 2-Tube Mixer (150 mm Reference), Stainless Steel

USD $1,413.85

7300 Series 2-Tube Mixer (150 mm Reference), Stainless Steel

USD $1,413.85
Part Number:    7300 Series Mixer
   Availability:   Ships within 48 hours from Montgomeryville, PA

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Product Description

MATHESON made in the USA



Matheson’s Model 7300 two-tube mixer are used for mixing two gas streams and utilize our FM-1050 150 mm flow tubes and a mixing tube. All tubes are supplied with a single glass float.

The tubes are backpressure compensated by mounting the control valve on the outlet of the tube. A highly sensitive pressure regulator is recommended for each of the inlet gas streams to avoid fluctuations in gas flow which could cause inaccuracies in mixing concentration.

It is suggested that pressure of the gas supplied to the mixer be 20 psig or 50 psig as reference charts are available for most gases at those pressure ranges.

Standard with this series is the uniquely designed Tube-Cube®. The “cube,” a unitized tube holder, aligns the tube quickly and easily for simple tube installation or replacement. The Tube-Cube® provides protection during handling, reducing chipped tube ends, broken tubes and misalignment. The 1.5 X scale magnification lens allows for a more accurate reading. End seals in the FM-1050 are direct acting and non-rotating for fast alignment and convenient service access.

Valve Options
• Utility (six-turn) valve for those who desire control as well as indication
• High accuracy (fifteen-turn) valve, for very precise control and repeatability


Rotameter flow charts

Rotameter Flow Charts

Note: Glass floats are used in our Rotameter Mixers.


Design Features

• High resolution 150mm scale length
• Precision tapered, fluted metering tube
• Low pressure drop for increased available flow rates at low feed pressures
• Standard front panel mounting requires minimum hardware -easy installation, quick access
• Available utility and high precision metering valves do not require special fittings
• Simplified, direct acting, nonrotating compression plug for quick and easy tube sealing

Engineering drawings

Materials of Construction

• Wetted End Blocks, Fittings and Internal Parts: Stainless Steel
• Seal Materials: Viton
• Side Plates: Painted aluminum
• Metering Tube: Borosilicate glass enclosed in Tube-Cube® holder
• Piping Connections: Stainless Steel
• Float Materials: Black glass
• Scale: Ceramic ink on glass tube, length 150mm


• Pressure Rating: 250 psig maximum
• Temperature Rating: 250°F maximum
• Accuracy: ±5% of full scale flow rate
• Optional Accuracies: ±1% of full scale for reference scales only
• Repeatability: 0.25% of scale reading
• Range: 10 to 1, i.e., 100% to 10% of full scale mm or linear flow with conversion curves and/or factors

Rotameter Pressure Correction Factors

Rotameter Temperature Correction Factors

Instructions, FM-1050

Warranty Information